Criminal Committee

Chair:                Ian Boddy     Email:

Mission Statement:

Crime being the showcase of justice, democracy and the rule of law, the committee strives to promote public confidence, professional reputation and best practice.

The committee is made up of professionals and practitioners from across all agencies operating in the CJS to include representatives from; the CPS, the defence, the bar, HMCTS, the police, the LAA and academics.  While the committee’s primary focus is on local matters it works collaboratively with other national representative bodies inc The Law Society at Chancery Lane, and addresses issues of national application relevant to policy, remuneration, and best practice to achieve best outcomes and promote the wider public interest.

This is a very active committee.  Membership is not static or restricted, the priority being to ensure representation from all agencies.  Its dealings are entirely transparent with minutes and documentation being available upon request.  All are welcome to attend meetings or request inclusion upon the committee’s group email list. 

For more information please contact Ian Boddy

Education & Training Committee

Chair:  Helen Fanning       Email:

Mission Statement

The Education and Training Committee of the Nottinghamshire Law Society:

  • Ensures that a wide variety of high-quality training and development opportunities are provided to support the learning and continuing professional development needs of trainee solicitors and qualified lawyers; and
  • Responds on behalf of members to consultations and proposals by the SRA in relation to the education, qualification and training of solicitors.


  1. To provide a wide curriculum of free and paid-for training to trainee solicitors and qualified lawyers.
  2. To respond to consultations and proposals from the SRA in relation to the education, qualification and training of solicitors on behalf of Nottinghamshire Law Society members.
  3. To ensure that all solicitors in the region are supported throughout their careers through training, development and mentoring.
  4. To organise and promote the President’s Cup competition annually.
  5. To work with Council and other sub-committees to promote careers in the law and encourage and develop diversity at all levels in the profession.
  6. To support national Law Society initiatives, such as “Women in Law”.

The Education and Training Committee (ETC) is an active and enthusiastic committee which includes senior lawyers, professional support lawyers and young Solicitors/trainees from a range of local firms.

The ETC meets on a regular basis to discuss the training and development needs of NLS members. It ensures that NLS offers a comprehensive range of value for money courses in a variety of disciplines and responds to consultations on the future of Education & Training.

The ETC also organises:

• a welcome pack for new trainees in collaboration with the Nottinghamshire Junior Lawyers Division;

• the prestigious Nottinghamshire Law Society Awards.

If you have any comments or suggestions or would like to become involved in the ETC, please contact

Equality & Diversity Committee

Co -Chair:              Lauren Crow           Email:

Co - Chair:  Lee Collishaw          Email: 

Mission Statement:

We are committed to helping provide a work environment in which all individuals are treated fairly and with dignity and respect.

We aim to assist Nottinghamshire Law Society members with ensuring their workforce mix reflects our wider community and to give everyone the opportunity to succeed, regardless of identity or origin.

Committee's Objectives

1. Support best practice in diversity and inclusion amongst the NLS membership.

2. Celebrate 100 years of women in the law.

3. Encourage LGBTQ+ recruitment and retention in Nottinghamshire.

4. Promote social mobility initiatives.

5. Encourage best practice in mental health and wellbeing.

Law Care - Supporting the Legal Community - Visit their website

For more information please contact Lauren Crow  or Lee Collishaw 

International Committee

Co - Chair:     Daniel Harley     Email:

Co - Chair:     Kathryn Meir      Email: 

The Nottinghamshire Law Society is twinned with the Bars of the cities of Karlsruhe in the German state of Baden-Wurttemberg and Ghent in Belgium. Both cities have long standing civic twinning connections with the City of Nottingham. Each year one of the cities hosts a Twinning Weekend which provides a varied programme of social, legal, history and sports events.  All members are welcome to attend these Twinning Events which are advertised through the Bulletin.

Work experience exchanges can be facilitated for young lawyers from the three cities and data has been compiled as to the availability of specialist areas of practice in each others jurisdictions.  If you are interested please contact Emily Addai or Jo Davis

Mission Statement:

Our focus is to continue and develop the longstanding twinning relations with Ghent and Karlsruhe for the mutual benefit of the members of NLS, the NJLD and our colleagues in Ghent and Karlsruhe.  We also aim to act as a focal point for any matter with an international element, which may arise and impact the membership.


  1. Maintain and develop the existing twinning relationship.
  2. Explore professional development & networking opportunities with our colleagues in Ghent & Karlsruhe for the benefit of the membership.
  3. Facilitate an exchange programme for the benefit of NJLD members.
  4. Arrange the tri-annual twinning weekend in Nottingham.
  5. Co-ordinate & encourage attendance by members at the twinning weekends, in all three host cities.

For more information contact: Daniel Harley

Private Client Committee

Chair:     Heather Parker     Email:

Mission Statement

We are a forum to discuss issues affecting Private Client practitioners and providing support to practitioners in Nottinghamshire.


  1. To provide regular meetings and updates to our members.
  2. To provide seminars, CPD training for our members.
  3. A conduit to allow us to network, building a strong local professional community.

For more information contact: Heather Parker

Property Committee

Chair:    Azam Zia      Email:

Mission Statement:

We are a forum to discuss issues affecting property practitioners and providing support to property practitioners in Nottinghamshire.


  • To provide regular meetings and updates to our members
  • To provide seminars, webinars, blogs, articles and CPD training for our members
  • To keep Property practitioners abreast of legislative changes and developments in caselaw
  • A catalyst of networking and social events, building a strong local professional community

It is understood that the objectives will be a 'live' list which will develop organically as the committee grows.

For more information please contact

Resolution Committee


Resolution is a national organisation whose members are family lawyers committed to the constructive resolution of family disputes. Members follow a Code of Practice that promotes a non-confrontational approach to family problems. Members encourage solutions that consider the needs of the whole family - and in particular the best interests of children.

Nottingham/East Midlands have a local branch of Resolution.  The local committee organise, on average, 5 evening training seminars a year on suitable topics for both members and non-members.  These events are also a chance to meet family lawyers and to discuss changes in law & practice and to disseminate information.

 For further information please contact:

Sole Practitioners Committee


The purpose of the committee is one really to bring together all the sole practitioners in Nottinghamshire to exchange ideas, to act as a tool for networking and cross referral of work between sole practitioners and to put forward any concerns that sole practitioners may have to the Council both at a local and national level.

 For further information please contact: