Burn Bright Activation Programme

Location: Zoom Platform
Date: 12th Oct 2021
Start Time: 2:00 pm
Finish Time: 2:00 pm
Tutor: Donna Smith, Odonnata

Member Price: £155.00 Ex.VAT £186 inc. VAT

Non Member Price: £185.00 Ex.VAT £222 inc. VAT



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Member Rate  £155.00 (plus VAT) Non Member Rate:  £ 185.00 (plus VAT)

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The Burn Bright Activation Programme is an action focused programme built around three key stages that lead to increased resilience, improved focus and higher levels of well being.

Here are the three stages of the Burn Bright Activation Programme:

AWARENESS  Focus on what is important to you, now and in the future
CHOICE Shine a light on what could be different and what can stay the same
DECISION Create a plan of action, including tools on how to say ‘YES’ to your well being & development and techniques on ensuring consistent application to make Burn Bright your norm

This Programme goes beyond merely attending workshops. Through conscious practice between workshops, you will embed new habits and ways of thinking to help you achieve your goal of THRIVING in your legal career.

Here is what you will experience over the course of your time on the Burn Bright Activation Programme. 


SIX online workshops (two hours each), delivered three weeks apart (approx.), consisting of:

  • A deep dive analysis of the six key principles on how to Burn Bright (not out!)
  • A series of activities, self-reflection exercises and group discussion
  • Conscious practice assignments to complete between each of the workshops


At the end of the Burn Bright Activation Programme, you will have a sound understanding of the key principles and how to apply them to your day to day routine.

Programme Length: 16 weeks - including 6 workshops.

Programme Schedule:

Workshop 1:  Tuesday 12th October 2021

Begin with the end in mind

Workshop 2:  Tuesday 2nd November 2021

Knowing yourself is the beginning of your transformation

Workshop 3:  Tuesday 23rd November 2021

Choose your deposits & withdrawals wisely

Workshop 4:   Tuesday 14th December 2021

Be Proactive in what you focus on

Workshop 5:  Tuesday  11th January 2022

‘No’ is a complete sentence

Workshop 6:   Tuesday 1st February 2022

Adopt the Magic Penny Approach

About Donna Smith, Odonnata

Donna Smith is on her own journey of discovery.  She is someone who has burnt out, someone who has faced several career crossroads, someone who struggles with perfectionism and that feeling of not being good enough. 

Basically, the types of challenges so many of us face every day. Why is this relevant? Because she has faced all of these challenges (and still does) and yet she now gets to do what she loves to do every day and she burns bright (not out) and so can you!

Donna has an extensive range of experience in Coaching, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Leadership & Management Development, MBTI, Talent Development, and workshop facilitation.  Her style is supportive, understanding and challenging. 

Donna is passionate about working with people who have reached that stage where they say ‘enough is enough’ and they want to make a change for the better, they want to move forwards instead of staying stuck.  She loves working with clients who come to her with that sense of – ‘something is not quite right in my world and I want to do something about it’. They want to take massive action and that’s what coaching is all about.

As places for these sessions are limited, there will be a cancellation charge:

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All the  above figures are based on the Early  Bird Discount Offer.  Cancellation charges will change once the offer has expired.

Member Price: £155.00 Ex.VAT £186 inc. VAT

Non Member Price: £185.00 Ex.VAT £222 inc. VAT